Friday, July 18, 2014

Week One-Day Four-Thursday

Hi everyone-----it’s me Caroline McKay:  Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!!!  Doing dental work on these children is such a huge blessing!  So, our plan was to have more children’s teeth taken care of today but God had other plans----seems that has been the case since the beginning of this mission trip.  So, the construction project is coming along slowly but coming along just the same.  But the dentistry is happening as quickly as dentistry happens.  J  After spending the day working on some broken equipment Todd Pedersen, better known here as Dr. Todd, will be back to working on more children’s teeth tomorrow alongside Dr. Rosemerie Teachout, Melody Carlin, Beatriz Teachout  and myself.  This morning we went to the classrooms so Dr. Rose could teach proper teeth brushing & give the kids their new toothbrushes & their prize (a pencil) for brushing the right way.  These children look forward to seeing Dr. Rose because she gives them prizes: cool sunglasses, toothbrushes, pencils, hair accessories, and more plus the ultimate prize at the very end for brushing their teeth for three days in a row is: for the boys a soccer ball for their classroom and a jump rope for the girls also for their classroom.  Just to see these children smile and get very excited about their prizes is such a blessing. Being here was truly a gift that I never could have imagined would have taken place for me ever, but Praise God, others in my life saw fit that I should be a part of this team and made that happen.  For that I am truly grateful!!  So, Kim Leach has been working with the teachers and some of the students doing what she does: speech pathology!!!  Robert Perez is our IT guy along with working on building some tooth brush holders with his “assistant” Becky Roffe.  Some have also been sanding doors prepping them for varnish, while some like Angela Berardi have been covering books for the library, laminating worksheets for teachers, while yet others are doing clothes mending, like Carolyn Pollock, still there are others working on pump repairs, like Bill Pollock and Gabrielle Johnson is our “resident” photographer, she has been spending lots of time with the kids and with us taking hundreds and hundreds of photos.  And then there is Adam Pollock, the do everything that needs to be done guy!!!!!!!  So much has been accomplished.  WOW- what an amazing group we have here and what a complete team we make…….need something done??? Ask us we’ll get it done----maybe not in our timing but always in God’s time J J

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