Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 7

This is the seventh week of construction on the new dorm here at In Step. Its been a week since team three boarded the matatu and headed off for safari before heading back to their homes in the US. All three teams worked hard and have accomplished so much in the past six weeks for the children here. Yes building the dorm is the reason most members of the three teams traveled halfway across the world, but I think upon arriving here each team member might have found that they built something a bit different from what they had expected, and far more important then laying stone and mortar or mixing concrete. Among the most important things that the teams have built is the relationships with the children whom they came to serve. I know that there were a few members if not most that had life changing experiences. I thank God for everyone that came to help build and everyone else who contributed financially and through prayer.

This week the kenyan scaffolds were set up, as well as a ramp that will be used to get wheelbarrows of concrete from the ground up to the second floor. The forming work continued, most all of the beams are now completely formed and so is the shuttering work for supporting the slab while it is wet. Also the steel work has been started.