Sunday, April 8, 2012

Split into Three?

wow has it really been 4 months since the last post?

I guess its long overdue for an update once again! It seems like the days are long but the weeks and months blend together. I have spent over ten months here in Kenya and its hard to believe that it has been that long.

I was speaking with my mother and she had said that some of what I was doing here was kind of confusing, so I would like to take a moment to try to clear up some of the confusion. I think that in trying to avoid sounding proud or making a big deal about the projects that I have been involved in here they seem to have blended together. However since this work is not mine but God's work, and the glory is his. I will explain what He has been doing with and through me here. Basically God has partnered me with three different organizations, on sometimes numerous projects for each of these.

Most of the work and blog have been focused on the Neema project, with Transformed International. Please, I say again please visit their website about this great organization! There is a link on the right of this page or better yet here (, see what the Lord is doing through them! I am just a small piece of this community in Christ trying to do my part to help. If you know me then I can tell you that the work that is being done here is God led through biblical principles, and is truly helping the lives of many widows and orphans here, and you can be a part and help too! TI runs with a very low overhead and from my interactions they do more for families here with a lot less resources then I have seen be the case with so many other organizations. As most of my focus has been with construction that is what most of my blogs have been based on, but please get the rest of the story, from the source! In case you havent gone yet ( don't worry this blog will most likely be here when you come back.

The second organization that the Father led me to work with here is In Step foundation, which State side name is Rehama Ministries (the website This is an orphanage that now has 110 children, and is just Gods grace to see how they are provided and cared for through this great and loving family! I havent spent a lot of time at In Step, but there has been a few cases where I have mentioned work there in other blog posts and in the next blogs it will be much more about In Step, and what the Lord is doing there! This summer teams from around Rochester, Ny and even a few from California will be working with In Step to build a new dormitory for this great and growing orphanage! Did I mention that there is 110 children there, with the majority of them being toddlers?

The third organization that the Lord has partnered me with is ReAct Kenya ( with the work that they are doing with Johabeto, the orphanage that was built as the 2010 project which some of you know about. If you dont the blog link is on the right of this page if you havent heard about this one before. As part of the team put together to help overcome the challenges for this home we meet twice a month. I communicate with ReAct to help them know what is happening “on the ground” here.

So hopefully this might clear up somethings if not feel free to ask questions. With my attention and focus on the things that are happening here sometimes I find it hard to get a blog posted, so I do apologize for those of you that have been checking and find no updates.

With that being said heres whats happening with the Neema construction.

Brick work finished

Windows and doors installed

Plaster Finished

The Hut with mud and windows in

Upstairs of the hut
Once again this is not my work but the Fathers, so all glory and praise be to Him!  I would also just like to thank those who help through prayer as im sure my continued health and strength are from the Lord through prayers of you at home! I also want to thank those who have contributed financially,  it helps to do the little things that are often overlooked on projects and arnt in the budget but are made possible through what the Lord puts on your heart!

Happy Easter, may you be blessed with the hope found in the Resurrection!