Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Roof is Up and On!

The last few weeks have been long and frustrating.  The communication barrier has been more of a challenge this year then it was last, and one of the biggest challenges of the past few weeks. The most frustrating thing to deal with, is one day having a conversation with someone whom understand sand speaks perfect English. Then the next day they no longer know how to speak or understand a thing being said to them.  To me it seems like a case of selective linguistics.   All things considered the progress is moving along and the project will soon be complete far above most standards here, and there will be new class rooms to teach a larger group of girls important skills to improve their lives.
Standing trusses

setting perlins


The last piece of ridging in place!
The electrical conduit and boxes have been put into place, all the window glasses have been cut and are on site. All that remains is to plaster, pour floor slabs, put up fascia boards, install window panes, do electrical wiring, and hopefully Paint.