Sunday, January 12, 2014

A new year

Once again the time has escaped me somewhat unnoticed. Around here there is always so much to be done, and so little time to actually get it done because something more important seems to pop up on a semi daily basis. So what has been going on since august?
put tow of these together for the dorm
charcoal stove fabrication
The floors upstairs in the dorm has been completed

a slab for a basketball court has been put into place and just needs to be swept off and get the hoop set up.

finished full court slab

The visitors wing had a plumbing upgrade done to accommodate a larger teams of visitors. when the building was constructed  the contractor that did the plumbing had used 1/2" electrical conduit for the pipes.  While this might have put a few extra shillings in his pocket, im not sure that it was safe for drinking water and it didn't carry a high enough volume of water nor the needed pressure. With the upgrade we included a new 2" supply line from our water tank and then replaced all the lines in the house with 1" mains reduced to 1/2" at use. Now with plenty of volume and pressure to run all the water needed when large teams are here.

new supply line

When the tee fitting pushes your teeth through your lip
In order to fix the plumbing we needed to break the tile. Fortunately the project finished about five minutes before the a large team from South Hills Church in Washington had arrived on the compound.

While here the South Hills team completed a large project, building the stone walls and welding and painting iron fence panels to enclose the cemetery plot on site. The plot was made much large enough with the intention of never filling it, and leaving plenty of space to make a quiet setting to pay respect to the few that have been lost.

As soon as the cemetery project was complete it was time to get back to school. With time slipping away before the new year it was time to complete at least one more class room to accommodate for our new second graders.

Then came Christmas 

The day started by taking 24 of the older kids to bring gifts to a less fortunate family

 We made over 300 sugar cookies, 6 rhubarb cakes, a massive fruit salad, 30 whole chickens, beef sausages (one of the kids favorite) too many chapati to count, and four sides of beef. It was a chance to let the kids eat and eat, as much as they want. For some of them this was the first time that they have had the chance to eat beyond their limits, and they were able to learn that over eating can make you sick.

Two Adams

decorating cookies
shaddrach Jimmie sammy


eat yourself to sleep

back at it after a little nap

 Now with time before the new school year only about a week away it was past time to be started working on desks and chairs for the new classes. So that was my work and by the end of the week and working around the clock two of the days I was able to complete 15 desks and only a few chairs, enough to get started with.

We and mainly I mean Alfred was able to get the classrooms panted including black boards.

Third grade room done early!
new class two room
So we have made it through the first week of school, and the teachers lounge and administrative offices are nearing completion.


trellis going well

Alfred has also been able to finalize the painting in the clinic, and today as I write this our Doctor has come and has started setting up while waiting on the government approvals.

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  1. Tremendous work, Adam! Thanks so much for the post! It was perfect! Blessings and hugs and prayers for this new year at Instep! ~Kim